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• Concern America's Innovative Health Promoter Practitioner Model was selected for a third time as a semi-finalist for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge! Read the Press Release and visit the Buckminster Fuller Challenge site to read about Concern America's submission.

• Concern America field team members have created an incredible website of technical resources for appropriate technology projects, free for use by all: www.itacanet.org.

• Long-term Concern America field team member Oliver Style wrote and published, in Spanish, a comprehensive solar energy installation book. Royalties support Concern America's work!

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Concern America is an international development and refugee aid organization that provides long-term, community-based development and support to economically impoverished communities throughout the world.  What distinguishes the work of Concern America is its belief that the transformation of impoverished communities comes from engaging local members in the solutions to their problems.  Concern America does this by training community members in health, education, construction, and income-generation, so that the villagers themselves become the health care providers, educators, well-diggers, cooperative members, etc. 

Since its establishment in 1972, Concern America has worked in fifteen countries on three continents, making a measurable difference in the lives of more than two million people in thousands of communities.  In this country, Concern America infuses a global perspective into social justice education, health, and fair-trade programs.  Concern America is based in Santa Ana, California.






• The next Education Night will be on Thursday, February 26, and will be a premiere of the documentary from Guatemala, "Our Land: The Path to Find Our Roots."

• It's time again for the annual Walk Out of Poverty on Saturday, March 28, 2015! More information and downloads HERE.

• Take a moment to read a moving story from our work in Mozambique in honor of World AIDS Day on December 1.


• Get monthly updates on the work of Concern America through our new "Beats from a Global Heart" e-newsletter!

• Concern America is currently seeking Health Professionals to serve as a field volunteers in Guatemala and Colombia

• Travel to Guatemala with Concern America's Global Health Residency Program

Learn about the successful Concern America trained village Health Promoter Practitioner model:
• Read about the Health Promoter Practitioner model with stories from the field
• Read Concern America's submission to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge
• Read Concern America newsletters, filled with stories from the field

• Click here for information about volunteering with Concern America

• Are you looking for service learning/service hours? Consider participating in Concern America's Walk Out of Poverty


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