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1. General information about Concern America Field Program Opportunities
2. Current Field Program Opportunities
3. Download a Field Program Volunteer Application
4. Sample Volunteer Profiles

Field Program Opportunities
Concern America recruits and sends professionals who serve as nonsalaried volunteers for two or more years. Medical doctors, public health specialists, educators, agriculturists, engineers, and other experts are sent to share their skills and knowledge with community leaders in developing countries. After eight to ten years in an area, the Concern America team leaves in place trained local people who are "capacitated" to continue the work and to bring it to neighboring communities.

Concern America is currently engaged in development projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and Mozambique.

• Degree/experience in public health, medicine, nutrition, nursing, agriculture, community development, education, or appropriate technology
• Fluency in Spanish (except for the projects in Africa) or ability to learn Spanish at own expense
• At least 21 years of age
• Work experience abroad desirable
• Minimum commitment of two years. There are no short-term internships or assignments.

Concern America provides:
* Room, board, round trip transportation, annual trip home, health insurance
* Small monthly stipend
* Support services from the home office
* Simple repatriation allowance

For additional information, please contact Catharine Quinn at Concern America, P.O. Box 1790, Santa Ana, CA 92702; cquinn@concernamerica.org; 1-800-CONCERN (266-2376).

Current Opportunities
To learn more about current field opportunities with Concern America, click HERE.

Concern America Volunteer Application
To obtain a copy of the Concern America Volunteer Application Form, click HERE (to download a pdf file), or contact Catharine Quinn at cquinn@concernamerica.org; 1-800-CONCERN (266-2376).