Building village water systems together with the community.

To sing up for the Adopt-a-Volunteer program or for additional information, Please call 1-800-CONCERN (266-2376) or email info@concernamerica.org.

Concern America believes that the transformation of materially impoverished communities comes from engaging local members in the solutions to their problems. The organization does this by sending long-term field volunteers (nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers) who train community members in health, environmental health/appropriate technology, education, and income-generation, so that the villagers themselves become the health care providers, water system builders, educators, cooperative members, etc.

Many development organizations offer child sponsorship programs as a way for their supporters to get more involved and support their work. Concern America offers an alternative so that entire villages can be helped. By adopting a Concern America volunteer, a person who gives two or more years of her/his life to train local villagers, a multiplier effect occurs: a process that touches more and more people as time goes on. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the ripples continue moving outward. When you adopt a Concern America volunteer, you become a very concrete part of her/his work. Four times a year you will receive field reports from your volunteer, relating the progress your support makes possible.