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The faculty of each school that participates in the "Infusion Methodology" workshop will receive the quarterly newsletter entitled "With Eyes to See." As a way to help teachers connect their curriculum with peace and justice issues, each newsletter focuses on a peace and justice concept, providing information, stories, classroom activities, and lists of resources relating to the concepts. Recent newsletters have explored The Earth Charter, Peace, Nonviolence, Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Communication, Cooperation, Stewardship, and others.

If interested, copies of "With Eyes to See" can be received free of charge upon request, or click on the links below to download previous newsletters (in PDF format).

"With Eyes to See" Social Justice Education Newsletters
(click on each topic to download that newsletter in PDF format)

Infusing Justice and Peace
Infusing Justice and Peace: Empowerment Spring, 2012
Infusing Justice and Peace: Cooperation Fall, 2011
Infusing Justice and Peace: Conflict Resolution Spring, 2011
Infusing Justice and Peace Fall, 2010
Health Care
Hopeful Health Care Models 2 Spring, 2010
Hopeful Health Care Models Winter, 2009
Global Warming
Global Warming-Many Faces Winter, 2009
Global Warming-Global Fall, 2008
Global Warming-Local Winter, 2008
Global Warming-Students Fall, 2007
Multiculturalism Spring, 2007
Refugees/Displaced Peoples Winter, 2007
Immigrants Fall, 2006
Basic Necessities
Food Spring, 2006
Water Winter, 2006
Land Fall, 2005
Concern America Projects Worldwide

Mexico Spring, 2005
Africa Winter, 2005
South America Fall, 2004
Central America Fall, 2004
School/World Community Spring, 2004
Community School Winter, 2004
School Community Fall, 2003
Classroom Community Fall, 2003
The Earth Charter
IV Spring, 2003
III Winter, 2003
II Winter, 2002
I Fall, 2002
Citizenship Spring 2002
II Winter, 2002
I Winter, 2002
II Fall, 2001
I Fall, 2001
Social Justice Concepts
Communication Fall, 2001
Structural Transformation Spring, 2001
Stewardship Winter, 2001
Interdependence Winter, 2000
Conflict Management Fall, 2000
Conflict Spring, 2000