What We Do

Concern America taps into a community’s greatest resource, the people themselves, to alleviate poverty and to improve lives.

We are invited by local organizations to collaborate on community development projects. We send long-term field volunteers who work with the communities to identify most pressing needs and develop local solutions.

Our Focus

We focus on health care, clean water, income generation, and education. Our dedicated and expert field volunteers train local community members to be their own health care providers, water system builders, cooperative business members, and teachers.

How We’re Different

We are committed to the long-term, sustainable development of materially impoverished communities. We enter a new area when invited by local organizations and the people they serve, and our dedicated field volunteers spend a minimum of two years working on the ground.

Our field volunteers train and accompany the communities so that they are able to lift themselves out of poverty.

Since its establishment in 1972, Concern America has a solid track record of working with disenfranchised peoples in fifteen countries across four continents.